Recycling in the Work Place: The goal of 77 West Wacker's recycling program is to make recycling easy to understand and convenient to do. Containers for recycling paper, aluminum, glass and plastic are centralized and available in all copy rooms and kitchens. Containers for batteries, cellular handsets and other types of electronics such as printers, toners, computers, servers, and other large electronic waste are also available and picked up on as-needed basis by our electronic recycling contractor. Additionally, each tenant desk has a container for non-recyclable materials and a standard blue container for recyclables. Our trained janitorial staff removes and separates waste according to type as identified by plastic bag color. Clear bags contain dry, clean fiber/paper, green bags contain glass, cans and plastic and black bags contain non-recyclable materials. Click here to view the recycling brochure. Blue deskside recycling containers have been provided free of charge by the Management Office. Additional containers may be requested through the Management Office at 312-917-1177.

Your participation helps reduce waste, conserve natural resources and reduce costs. Make a Difference. Start Recycling Today! Take part in the building's recycling program.

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