77 West Wacker is staffed with day time cleaning personnel to maintain the common areas and to cater to routine cleaning needs of tenants.

Tasks such as small furniture moves, file or packing materials disposal or other specialized clean-ups that tenants require performed during day time hours may all be within the time, skill and equipment capabilities of this group. Your request for service, placed through the Management Office, will permit us to advise you on our ability and, when appropriate, the cost to fulfill your needs.

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Night Cleaning

77 West Wacker is staffed with night cleaning personnel to maintain tenant areas and building common areas. Each weekday evening, night cleaning focuses on waste removal, dusting, hard surface floor sweeping, carpet vacuuming, spot cleaning, restroom sanitizing and the cleaning of elevator vestibules, public entryways, elevators and stairwells. This work is routinely inspected by building management. Tenant comments are welcomed by both the building's and contractor's management and should be directed to the Management Office at 917-1177. Every effort is made to quickly correct deficiencies, both through the deployment of Day Cleaning staff when appropriate, and through communications and education of the contractor's staff.

Perimeter Window Cleaning

Exterior windows are cleaned four times annually, and interior surfaces are cleaned two times a year. A contractor's crew of permanently assigned personnel performs both the interior and exterior window washing. More frequent cleanings are available for a fee, upon request to the Management Office at 312-917-1177.

Carpet and Other Special Cleaning

The Night Cleaning Contractor is able and willing to perform a variety of specialized cleaning services that are not included in the scope of the routine nightly cleaning. Some of the special services include:

  • Limited Furniture moves
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Floor wax removal and reapplication
  • Interior glass and metal surfaces cleaning
  • Furniture polishing
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Food service room cleaning
  • Dishwashing

These services are available at an additional cost and can be requested through the Building Management Office at 917-1177 or via the building's 360 Facility Service Request System.

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Cleaning Tenant Interior Glass

Complete washing of tenant's interior window glass, other than the perimeter windows, and complete cleaning of tenant's interior polished metal surfaces are not a part of the service provided to tenants during the night cleaning service. Each tenant is encouraged to arrange for the cleaning of these surfaces, as needed, for an additional fee, through the night cleaning contractor. Arrangements for this supplemental service can be made through the Management Office at 917-1177.

Window Blind Cleaning or Repair

Window Blind Cleaning or Repair services are available through the Management Office for a fee. For more information regarding these services contact the Management Office at 917-1177.

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