Safety Training

Emergency On-Line Training Program

77 West Wacker is pleased to provide its tenants with an online emergency preparedness training program. The state-of-the-art tool provides emergency preparedness information specific to 77 West Wacker through an aesthetically pleasing mechanism that integrates 3D graphics, digital images, animation, and voice narration. We encourage using this tool to learn how to relocate and evacuate from the building in case of emergencies.

This program also equips you with the knowledge about life safety procedures for events such as fires, bomb threats, active shooters, and medical emergencies in the building.

We encourage everyone to view the building’s Emergency On-Line Training Program by following this link:

When prompted, please enter user name and password. For information on obtaining a user name and password, please contact the Management Office at 312- 917-1177.

Please click here for the BSS Employee User Guide.

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