If building evacuation is necessary, you will hear this message broadcast over the emergency communications speaker system:

  • ATTENTION, all occupants on the _____ floor. At this time, the _____ floor is being evacuated and relocated to the _____ floor. Please calmly exit your work area using the nearest available emergency stairwell and exit on the _____ floor and assemble in the elevator lobby. Do not use the elevators. Additional information and further instructions will be provided as soon as possible."

  • This message will repeat. Listen to it carefully. Follow the instructions exactly, calmly and quietly. Do not run or rush. Do not smoke. Watch your step.
  • During an evacuation, stairwell doors that are normally locked from the stairwell onto each floor will automatically unlock, allowing access to the assigned safety floor. You will be instructed through the emergency communications system to evacuate to a specific floor.
  • Remember to remain calm and alert while following emergency procedures or instructions.
  • Each tenant is responsible for confirming that their area has been cleared, with all personnel evacuated.
  • Each tenant is responsible for assigning personnel on each occupied floor to an Emergency Evacuation Team (EET) to include a Floor Warden, Assistant Floor Warden, Searchers, Stairwell Monitors and Handicapped Aides. These EET members will be responsible for guiding all occupants on their floors or in their areas to safe locations during emergency situations. EET members will be provided initial training and annual training by the Director of Security. EET members will confirm that all of their evacuated personnel are present and accounted for at the evacuation assembly site.
  • At the evacuation assembly site, when personnel are unaccounted for, immediately inform Security or the responding Fire or Police Department personnel at the Lobby's Fire Alarm Control Panel, via the red emergency phones located in the stairwells. If the building is being evacuated to the lobby level and the outside, please move away from the base of the building for your own personal safety and to avoid impeding the response of emergency personnel.

Assistance for the Handicapped

Handicapped personnel or guests may require evacuation assistance. Individuals with impaired mobility should be escorted and assisted by a designated member of the tenant Emergency Evacuation Team. Elevators cannot be used to evacuate the handicapped or disabled during an emergency such as a fire. Professional emergency responders from the Fire Department will generally be able to reach the handicapped to assist with their evacuation, but this may take time. Each tenant is responsible for the evacuation of mobility-impaired individuals within their area to the safety of the nearest stairwell landing. Please have someone wait with this person in the stairwell until help arrives. If a handicapped person regularly inhabits your office space, we advise you to contact the Building Management Office or Director of Security to document their location.

Emergency Evacuation Drills

Periodically, on pre-announced dates, fire drills are conducted for tenant-occupied floors throughout the building. Generally, the drills will occur at least once each year. During these drills, you will hear the following message broadcast over the emergency communications system:

  • "Your attention please! This is an emergency evacuation drill. This is only a drill. Everyone on the ________ floor. Please calmly walk to the nearest stairwell exit and proceed down the stairs in a single file and exit on the ________ floor. Please exit on the ________ floor and assemble in the elevator bank for a head count."

Following each drill, the Director of Security will provide a brief overview of Fire and Life Safety procedures on the evacuation floor for all participating occupants.

Prior to the scheduling of evacuation drills, annual Fire and Life Safety Training is provided for all tenants. Separate training is available for volunteer members of the tenant Emergency Evacuation Team. Contact the Director of Security at 312-917-4333 to arrange for training of your team members.

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