Elevator Malfunction

If an elevator malfunctions, press the emergency call button. Wait for instructions via the elevator intercom from Security. Remember, you are safest within the elevator while calmly waiting for assistance. Assistance is usually available within minutes. Please advise Security when the doors are open and you are able to safely exit the elevator.

  • DO NOT attempt to force open the elevator doors. Even if they are partially open, this action may cause other damage to the equipment that could prolong the entrapment.
  • DO NOT attempt to crawl or jump out of a car that is not aligned with a floor. Movement of the car or your loss of balance could be life threatening.

If elevator electrical power is interrupted, the elevator will stop. After a brief interval, electrical power from the building's emergency generator will become available to restore lights within the car and to permit individual elevators to sequentially travel to the lobby. If you are on-board when power is lost, remain calm, orient yourself to the elevator button panel, press the emergency button, wait for intercom communications and follow the instructions you receive. Please do not smoke.

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