Bomb Threat

Telephone Threat

When a bomb threat is made over the telephone, obtain the following information from the caller:

  • Exact location of the device.
  • Time set for explosion.
  • Description of the device.
  • Reason the caller has placed the bomb.
  • Exact words used by the caller.
  • Keep this information as confidential as possible.
  • Notify the Police Department by dialing 911.
  • Notify the Management Office by dialing 312-917-1177.

Once the Management Office has been notified of a bomb threat, it is our policy to advise your firm's manager or officer. Building Management will work with tenant management in deciding how to proceed and with any search process that might need to be done. It is up to the tenant manager or officer to decide whether it is appropriate to evacuate the office. In the event that you are asked to evacuate the Building, move away from the Building to allow for the clear passage of emergency personnel. Do not re-enter the Building until the Management Office or the Police or Fire Department has given clearance.

Click here to download a Bomb Threat Report Form

Suspicious Packages or Mail Bombs

Suspicious letters or packages may contain one or more of the following descriptions; The return address is missing or incomplete, there are restrictive markings such as "Confidential" or "Personal" or specific instructions like "To be Opened by CEO Only", there are misspelled names or words, incorrect titles are used or it is addressed to a title only and not a specific name, information is typed or written messy, it was mailed from a foreign country, it contains excessive postage, unknown or suspicious substances are detected, oily stains or discolorations are observed, the letter or package is sealed with tape or excessive tape is used, the letter or package is lopsided, uneven rigid or bulky and of course if there are any protruding wires.

If a letter is suspected to be a letter bomb:

  • Stop. Don’t handle the letter or package any further.
  • Don’t open, smell or taste any portion of the package or letter.
  • Isolate the letter or package immediately.
  • Notify the police at 911 and Building Security at 312-917-4330.
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