About 77 West Wacker

Location: Corner of West Wacker Drive and North Clark Street. Bounded by Haddock Place on the south and Garvey Court on the east.

Owner: 77 West Wacker Drive, L.L.C.

Architectural: The architect is James DeStefano of the Chicago firm of DeStefano + Partners. Design consultant is Ricardo Bofill of Taller de Arquitectura of Barcelona. The exterior presents a "Modern Classical" style utilizing Portuguese Royal white granite and silver-grey reflective glass curtain wall. A unique museum quality lobby features sculpture by Xavier Corberó and a large wall painting by Antoni Tapies. The lobby contains a black granite reflecting pool and lush plantings of bamboo trees in a monumental space with 42-foot ceilings.

Building Systems

Elevators: Exceptional high-speed service via three (3) elevator banks consisting of:

  • 6 Low-Rise Passenger Cars
  • 6 Mid-Rise Passenger Cars
  • 7 High-Rise Passenger Cars
  • 1 Freight Elevator
  • 1 Shuttle Car to lower level parking garage
  • 1 Shuttle Car to Pedway Bridge and Fitness Center
  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning:
  • Variable air volume (VAV) with fan powered terminal units; the building has received the ASHRAE award for excellence in engineering.

Electrical: 5 Watts per square foot delivered to the space under base building design. Virtually unlimited capacity available for special uses. The building has been recognized for its lighting design by the Chicago Lighting Institute.

Life Safety: The building is fully equipped with a sprinkler system throughout the building and a fire command panel located in the main lobby.


Structure: Concrete shear core with steel frame outside the core.

The building has been recognized for its structure design by the Illinois Structural Engineers Association.

Height: Fifty (50) stories.

Rentable Area: 959,258 square feet.

Floor Sizes:

  • Low-Rise: Approximately 21,500 square feet.
  • Mid-Rise: Approximately 22,000 square feet.
  • High-Rise: Approximately 22,500 square feet.

Floor to Floor Height: 13 feet slab to slab

Finished Ceiling Height:  9 feet

Floor Loading: Typical floors have the capacity for 50 lbs. per square foot live load and 20 lbs. per square foot partition load; however, areas to the east and west of the core are reinforced for 150 lbs. per square foot.

Windows: 6'-6" high by 5' wide windows are typical. Substantial glass areas on Wacker Drive elevation to enhance views along the riverfront. Exterior column obstructions are minimal on all elevations.

Parking: Forty-two (42) spaces of enclosed, heated parking for tenants on two levels, with direct access to Lower Wacker Drive. Also, covered access via sky-bridge to 1,200 spaces at the 203 North LaSalle self-park facility.

Lease Spans:

  • Low-Rise:           
    45'9" North & South
    38'9" East & West
  • Mid-Rise:
    45'9" North & South
    51'9" East
    38'9" West
  • High-Rise:
    45'9" North & South
    52'9" East
    48'9" West

Floor Plan Design: Compact core with eight corner offices on typical floors with a 5-foot planning module.

Special Features

This Tenant Handbook has special features, such as a Forms Section that contains downloadable administrative forms. In order to be able use these features, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This software is free and easy to use. To obtain the software for free, click here.

The Tenant Handbook is updated on a regular basis. Please be sure to continuously check back for updates and new information. If you have trouble accessing the Tenant Handbook or need assistance, please e-mail or call the property management office.

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